Mountain Wedding // Asheville // What I Wore


Y’all, from someone who has a pretty sick Pinterest board of ideas on my wedding for when that day comes, the wedding we attended in Asheville this weekend was absolutely breathtaking. Everything about the whole weekend was nothing short of amazing. The ceremony was so personal to the bride and groom and made me a little teary eyed, not even going to lie. The scenic view of the mountain tops for both the ceremy and the reception, y’all. I could and would live here. To the beautiful lighting and gorgeous reception area too! The person that created this venue knew exactly what they were doing.

Anywho - we celebrated the marriage of some close friends of Matt’s from college. The ties were Carolina blue, of course. :) But the best part of it all, was it didn’t seem cookie cutter. It wasn’t your typical basic wedding, which is what they strived for and they surpassed my expectations, that’s for sure.

Given everything that’s happened prior to the wedding weekend, I literally drove up the mountain this weekend with nothing to wear for the wedding and had every single bit of hope clinched in my fists to find something to wear for this wedding. I had the day to myself since the groomsmen had to be together pretty early in the day. Searching for over two hours and really trying to avoid the 30 minute drive to the outlet mall in Asheville, I came across Kohl’s. My last hope in the area I was in looking for a dress. Searched everywhere else. I went to the mall, Marshall’s, Ross, Target, y’all…everywhere! You want to talk about a panic attack just waiting to happen?


low and behold, KOHL’S came to the rescue with this beautiful maxi dress. The ceremony was outside so I had a little bit of flexibility in my options for an outfit. I walked into the fitting room with three dresses after searching the whole store. Praying one of these work. I saved the black maxi for last, which I’m glad I did. I fell in love. I couldn’t wear heels due to my back/neck problems going on from the accident, so I needed something long to cover my sandals, making my hunt for something to wear even more difficult.

The Ridge - Asheville, NC

The Ridge - Asheville, NC

I went and searched for this dress online and found out they have a couple other color options to choose from. It’s currently on sale right now for $35! I loved that it had the maxi overlay with the short slip underneath. I knew it was going to be a little hot that day and wanted to be prepared for that as well. It was comfortable and I didn’t have any issues with it throughout the wedding. It was surprisingly the perfect length, which is rare for my height. They are usually either too short or too long. I packed every bra option I own with me because I didn’t know which style I’d need. Well, I didn’t even need a single one because I went bra-less too, which is another rare thing for me. Yet again, it was still comfy. I wasn’t constantly tugging at it and feeling uncomfortable.

Send me a pic of you wearing the dress if you buy it! I’d love to see how you style it your way!