Top Readings

The Secret

Where it all began for me. The Secret was recommended to me when things weren’t so hot in my life. This was the book that opened my eyes to the law of attraction. From that book, I took the law of attraction and ran with it. I listen to my books on my car ride to work in the mornings. It also encouraged me to listen to motivational speeches and podcasts. There’s also a documentary available on the book as well.

Unf*ck Yourself

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Girl, Wash your Face

21 Rituals to Change Your Life

This book is still a work in progress for me. I’ve decided to tackle these daily rituals into my life little by little so I don’t overwhelm myself and want to give up.

You Are A Badass

Getting Back to Happy

The MFCEO Project Podcast

Andy Frisella was a part of my daily listenings before I even became a member of the Legionnaire Program. He’s down to earth and speaks his 100% honest opinion on real topics. He’s relatable and makes you want to push yourself harder. He focuses on growing your business as well entrepreneurship and life skills.

Most of my books I have a paper copy of, but I also have purchased the e-book version of it for times when I’m in the car or doing cardio at the gym. I use for my listenings. I receive one credit a month which is used to buy a book. It typically takes me a month to listen to a book, unless I’m all in like I have been with these books, haha. In this case, the books were pretty much completed in under 2 weeks. Oops. I tried the free 30 day trial last year and I fell in love with the thought of being able to listen to a book while cooking, cleaning or doing other things.

Receive a free credit, which means you get to pick out a book for free when you sign up for the 30-day free trial. Click here to sign-up now. Comment below what book you decide to try out!