Birthday Vibes

Wicked weed brewery - asheville, nc

Wicked weed brewery - asheville, nc

Let’s just say that no matter how many people kept reminding me I’m halfway to fifty, that I still had an amazing birthday. I spent the weekend in Asheville with my love and I even went on my first brewery tour. Yeah, I know...there’s quite a few of them in Winston and I haven’t made it to them yet. Let’s not talk about it, lol. We went and toured Wicked Weed Brewery and it was pretty legit. Coming from a background in the alcohol + beverage industry, I was pretty intrigued. Later on that night we went to check out a live band and have come cockstails. Nothing too crazy. Just a low-key night, ya know? I had a spiced cider maragarita. Sounds good, yet weird, right? I said the same thing but two of my favorites together...yeah, I needed to add that in my life. The taste was different, but it was yummy!

Not to mention, this was my first Air BnB experience and I didn’t really know what to expect. The concept of staying in someones home is both comforting and weird at the same time. Our host’s space was cozy and close to downtown! He welcomed us with a bottle of wine on the kitchen counter and a welcome note which was very thoughtful. It’s definitely cheaper than booking a hotel, especially if you’re looking to book something in a larger city. Some of the places are really cool and modern. I love seeing how each host decorates their rental space.

bank of america stadium - charlotte, nc

bank of america stadium - charlotte, nc

On Monday night, we attended the Carolina Panthers game. Although we didn’t win against the Saints, I still enjoyed myself. And to top it all off, Nelly was the half-time performance! They announced it in between quarters but I was like “Psht, yeah right” but I was quickly shown otherwise. We had dinner at the infamous Pinky’s and of course, we were not let down!


When everyone asked how old I was this year, half of them were surprised that twenty-five is my actual age, because everyone and their mama thinks I’m younger than I am. Or, they like to pick and make fun that I’m half way to fifty. All in all, I’m thankful and grateful to see another year. This past year has had many ups, but just as many downs this year. A lot of lessons have been learned, tears cried, stomach aches from laughing so hard, but I’ve grown. Twenty-four was the year I really started getting into learning more about the law of attraction. In year twenty-four, I gained a lot of good knowledge to help succeed in this next year. I’m grateful for those who have entered my life and for those who have left.

Y’all this was the first year Kylin was able to sing Happy Birthday to me on his own, and my heart melted and the tears flew down my face. My little man is the biggest blessing in my life. Motherhood definitely isn’t the easiest job, but it’s well worth every moment of it.

What are your favorite places to visit when you visit Asheville, or for your Ashvillians, where are your favorite local spots to go to? Comment below - I’d love to hear from you!


Outfit Details

Bottoms - High Waisted Leggings by 90 Degrees by Reflex - Click Here

Shoes - Toms

Jacket - Charlotte Russe

Top - Black Long Sleeve Crop


Outfit Details

Top - Charlotte Russe Sweater

Bottoms - American Eagle Jeans

Jacket - Charlotte Russe

Shoes - Boots from Charlotte Russe

I can’t not also mention the blessing I received earlier this month. Ever since Ky was born, I’ve wanted an SUV. Nothing crazy, you know, just a small one. I’ve looked and looked at different ones, but I just knew I needed to get out of this atrocious lease I was in. Well, thanks to a dear friend of mine, this was able to happen! I brought in my birthday month with a smile on my face and it’s all thanks to the Man upstairs! Meet my new baby. I still haven’t named her yet. Throw some suggestions my way.



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