Beginners Guide to the Gym

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When I first started on my fitness journey, I spent the first couple of months working out strictly at home. Attempting to do the workouts on my own, I quickly failed. So I began beachbody’s 21 day fix program to have structure for my workouts. Once I knocked out that program a couple of times, I finally made the decision to join a gym. It wasn’t my first encounter, but prior to I’ve always had someone to work out with, but not this time.

The first day I walked into the gym, I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I had my headphones, per usual, but that was it. Just me, my water bottle, headphones and my phone. I let the nerves get the best of me and left pretty early into that hour workout I was supposed to do. It took a couple of times going to at least push myself to get into the gym, even if it was just for the cardio machines. At least I’m getting a feel for the environment I’m in. As time went on, I became way more comfortable and confident with working out in the gym. I know the frustration and jitters from being overwhelmed with all of the equipment and not really to sure what I’m even supposed to be doing in the first place.

Here are some ways to help overcome those gym jitters.

One // Have someone show you around the gym

Have a personal trainer or another employee to show you around the facility and give an overview of the equipment, how things are set up and if you have any questions on how to use a machine, that would be the time to ask.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a tour of the gym either the day of signing up, which they should do, or ask for a more in depth overview of the gym and how things are generally set up.

A lot of my struggle was not knowing where everything was located, how they had machines grouped up, or even if they had certain machines or not. So asking for that assistance up front will help put your mind at ease from getting so overwhelmed with where everything is located.

Two // Have a plan when walking into the gym

Once you have a better understanding of where everything is in the gym, having a solid plan before walking in helps keep you focused during your workout.

You are walking in with a plan so you shouldn’t be able to lose focus on the plan while you’re working out.

A problem I struggled with at my gym was the lack of multiple equipments that were considered “popular” so everyone fought over them. Having a set workout regime will give you something else to do while waiting on that machine to free up.

If you need help with a workout plan, shoot me an e-mail:

Three // Bring headphones!

Headphones are a crucial part to my workout.

Wearing headphones helps me get through workouts even to this day.

You get to tone out the world and focus on you, listening to the music you want to so you can get in your zone.

That one hour you dedicate to your workout should be all about you. Cut on some jams that’ll pump up your spirits and get you going!

Podcasts, music, tv shows - whatever you need to get you through that workout, you do you, boo boo

Four // Wear a hat!

When working out in the gym, this was a huge thing for me. Wearing hats blocked me from my wondering eyes. Looking around to see who was all staring at me. We all get that sense of being stared at by everyone in the entire gym. Let’s face it.

Putting a hat on helped me block my vision from seeing others as well as not allowing others to see my face. I could make the crazy faces I need to so I could push through that super hard rep and not have any shame in my game.

Five // Bring a workout buddy!

Bring a friend with you to join you! There’s nothing more exciting yet calming feeling that having your friend or family member there with you while you’re working out. You have someone to talk to and motivate one another.

Trust me, I know the fear. But if you want to overcome the fear, you just have to go for it. Get yourself out there and figure out how everything works. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to assist you in the middle of working out with an exercise or equipment. Make friends in the gym - it’ll make your experience even more of a breeze by connecting with other people while you’re there.

If you have any questions - don’t hesitate to ask. Comment below any other helpful tips you may have for someone just starting out in the gym.


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