Yamas // WSNC


Y'all, all I can say from the start is this place is bomb!

I was recently introduced to Mediterranean food at a place called Cava while working at Bang. One of the girl's I was working with was raving about how busy they were and they wanted to try it out. When we walked in, the menu immediately caught my eye. It's literally like a 'healthy version of Chipotle' if you ask me. It's so much better though. The combination of the choices, I'd never think to put together. But it's phenomenal!

Me being me, I'm searching for something local that's similar. Yamas popped up. Mediterranean Street Food. Great reviews. The menus were very similar. I gave it a go. 


To start, customer service is phenomenal. Friendly and smiling faces when you walk in the door. The bell rings when you walk in and the employees say "Yamas" in unison. I've already been back a few times and it's probably my new go-to spot. When I go, this is what I order:


Grain Bowl:

Lemon Basmati Rice


Tzakiki cucumber x2 

Harissa yogurt 

(tahini hummus is a good one, too!)


Chicken Souvlaki

Seasonal Veggies

Beef Kofta


Tomato + Cucumber Salad

Extra Cucumbers

Red Cabbage


Sriracha Greek Yogurt

It's on point. When you go, let me know! Send me your photos of your bowl. I'm interested in trying new combinations.