Where I'm Currently At + Moving Forward // Fitness Update


Hey hey! I wanted to get an update up of where I’m currently at and my goals for the next few months.

As of this morning, I’m currently sitting at 144.6 pounds. It’s crazy to be able to post that because two years ago, I would’ve balled my eyes out at the thought of posting my weight, let alone any photographs of me at the time. We get the results we want when we go after what it is we want. I’m almost back down to my high school weight, which is absolutely crazy to me. I’m blessed though, nonetheless. The photos below are my current progress photos as well as my “before” photos for the goals I have set out for myself.


I’m currently working out on a “whenever I feel like it” basis, and that’s not had much success. I want to get back into the gym and have had the urge for some time now. I even joined a second gym a couple of months ago that I’ve only visited once or twice. Literally. I’m ashamed to even say that, but it’s the truth. My depression has gotten the best of me, y’all. But on a better note, I’m pulling myself out of that dark cloud. One day at a time. For myself and for my son. In regards to my eating habits, they aren’t the worst in the world, but it’s going to be an adjustment having to eat as often as I need to so I can hit my goals. Eating out a lot and especially late nights have finally caught back up to me. Again.

Moving forward, my goals for the next 3 months include:

  • Work out 5-6 days a week

  • Eating 100% clean, except my cheat meal, of course.

  • Ultimately tone up and lose body fat

Having a goal set in mind makes me want to work harder. Having it all written out so I know exactly what I’m doing and what I’m consuming makes things so much easier for me to stay motivated. I like to have a plan. Something I’ve learned about myself over the past year. I’ll be breaking down each day into different muscle groups for workouts, leaving 1-2 days of just HIIT/Cardio day(s). Meal plans will be the same each week. Eating the same meal every day for a week doesn’t bother me. Knowing what I’m going to eat next takes that stress off of me so I can focus on the other things I need to. I might change up the veggie options once or twice within that week, but it’s pretty much the same. Plus, I just bought a new protein flavor - Ice Cream Sandwich and I’m so excited. Literally happy danced as soon as I got in the car. No lie.

Today marks day one of the next 90 days and I’m ready. I need this in my life and I’m ready to see what changes are going to happen physically, mentally, and emotionally during this 3-month cut. If you want to see what I’m eating and workouts I’m doing, let me know. I’ll post them on here and/or my Instagram. If you’re on the road to a happier and healthier lifestyle, let’s be accountability partners!


// Royal Queen Fat Burner //

// Pre-Workout //

*currently using Strawberry Kiwi

// Meal Replacement Protein //
*currently using Ice Cream Sandwich + Cinnamon Cookie Batter


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