Hip Hop Yoga


Tonight was the first night I’ve taken a group fitness class of any sort in years! I invited a girlfriend to join me to ease the jitters and because I know she loves yoga, too! Ashley is the name of the instructor and she’s amazing guys! Let me tell you. Each week she has a different artist theme. Tonight was Jay-Z! 


I had the nervous jitters, of course! It’s the first time I’ve participated in a class, but Ashley doesn’t play games. She came ready to twerk! She mixes her love for hip hop with yoga. It was a blast, y’all! Best part? Her class was only $10. What a deal?! Let lose for an hour an just have fun all while getting all the benefits from yoga. 

Note - she also has classes on Thursday // R&B Thursday’s. 

Both classes are held in the Art for Art Sake’s Building on level 2 from 6-7pm. 

- Click the photo below to check out 2B Yoga for more info -

I love who and what she represents and she’ll explain to you where/why she started when you go and see her! Tell her Laken said hey if you go!

Other yoga classes in Winston-Salem to try out:

Yoga(munnity) @ Wiseman Brewery on Tuesday’s

Yoga Flow with Nikki at The Ramkat on Wednesday’s


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