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Current Beauty Favorites

Current Beauty Favorites

For the past few months, I’ve taken a break from makeup and the beauty industry. Just doing a bare minimum face on a daily basis. Liquid foundation was the one product I stopped using completely on my “makeup hiatus” haha. I used powder foundation but it was a very minimal coverage on my skin. 


Before my hiatus, I was full face glam almost every day. Trying out new looks, experimenting with new products, the whole nine. But I told myself I needed a breather for my face. Give it a break and allowing it to just do it’s on thing. So I’d literally wear concealer, eyeliner and mascara. Except for the weekends, I’d wear a little more, meaning powder foundation, blush and sometimes highlight when I felt sassy. But that was really it. I'm growing my collection again and learning about the newest products currently and loving being back in front of the mirror trying out new looks and products. If you want to see my current skincare routine, let me know.



Estée Lauder Double Wear Instant Fix Concealer 24H Concealer + Hydra Prep

This gem has become my new found obsession. My skin has been dry here recently and my usual makeup products don’t go well with it. But this guy... this guy has brought my under eyes back to life. The hydra prep before applying the concealer makes a world of a difference. Not to mention it stays on pretty much all day. That’s a brownie point for me considering most days I go all day without having much time to freshen up my look. FYI, it’s only at Ulta & currently on sale!


NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner

Liner fulfills my inner sass. I love wearing a winged eyeliner or just keeping it simple, but I will always choose wings. Hands down. This one in particular is waterproof which is another brownie point for me, yet again. I dig this liner in particular because of the wand. I like how I have control over what I’m doing compared to any other styles. The shade is black, of course and the bottle lasts for a long time. Not to mention, it’s currently on sale right now at 


Buxom Lash Volumizing Mascara

Mascara is on thing I’m forever changing up in my makeup bag. I’m always on the hunt for a good mascara that really gives my lashes some volume, so I don’t have to wear lashes all the time. Buxom is my current favorite. The wand on this bad boy is pretty legit. I like the fullness it gives my lashes. 


Smashbox #ShapeMatters Palette

I use the darkest shade in this palette for my eyebrows. I lean towards powders when it comes to eyebrow products because mine are pretty full for the most part, but I have a scar on one of my eyebrows from back in the day when some kid hit me with a block (laugh it up) that I like to fill in. I use an angled flat liner brush to apply the powder. 


 NYX Primer Hydra Touch Oil Primer

Like I said above, your girl has dry skin. It’s the worst and I know these winter months aren’t helping my skin out either. Primers are another I like to try. I haven’t found my tried and true primer yet, but this may be it for me. It hydrated my skin so well and I have the best glow. I wear it without applying face makeup sometimes because of the glow it gives off. It leaves my skin looking dewy, but in a healthy way. I have a clean and well hydrated base when using this product before applying foundation. Serums and oils are what I look for in primers to help hydrate my face and keep it that way throughout the day.

…and I have to throw in this gem that was just sent to me!


Roller Glow Roll-On Highlighting Balm by Kaja

This beaut was sent to me to try out. I was weary about the fact that it was a roll on. It looked scary as I’ve never used a liquid highlighter, nonetheless this formula. But I still gave it a go and that glow is gorgeous. It’s the perfect amount and the roller applicator is pretty cool. I love the pinky gold tone it gives up. It’s right up my alley haha. I have even applied this on my shoulders and collar bone for an extra glow. This is a must keep for me. 

What's your current favorite beauty products you're obsessing over? I'm on the hunt for newbies to try out so shoot them to me! 

Until next time...